1999 ended on a bad note for the wrestling world. On screen, Mick Foley was forced by the newly formed McMahon-Helmsley Regime into a 'Pink Slip on a Pole' match with The Rock. He lost the match and almost a year to the date after he famously captured the WWF Title for the first time; he was fired on TV for the world to see. 

On a more serious note, the WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart, reportedly suffered a severe concussion after Bill Goldberg kicked him in the head during a title fight. An injury that would soon end the career of one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step foot into the squared circle and an event that would cause the company's most prestigious title to be vacated 8 times with in a year as writers seemingly scrambled at a loss to find a suitable champion to replace 'The Hit Man'. These events would set the stage for what many describe as the peak year of professional wrestling. 



    In the coming months we will dissect the recent history of sports entertainment, on a year by year basis starting at the dawn of the new millennium and culminating in December, with a retrospective look back at 2013. From there, we intend to catalogue the key moments that take place throughout 2014, 2015 and so on. 

    Our goal isn't to track all of the matches, nor all of the feuds but to focus on what we believe has been significant in the wrestling world. After all, looking back who cares if Kane squashed the jobber of the week? Or if Brodus Clay/Rikishi  danced with Tensi on a random episode of Raw? That stuff isn't worth committing to memory, so we see no reason to waste time documenting it. Instead we will only post about what we believe you will care about.  


    January 2013